Bouncing Back from Chemotherapy

Author: Shannon Miller

I chose this video for today. I thought it would be a good positive thought while I head into my final cycle. I’m ready to get to the “after” chemo part soon.

I have mixed feelings tonight. I dread going in tomorrow knowing how I will feel come Thursday and through the weekend. At the same time I’m excited to get going through this last one. I need to take it one step at a time. And I need to conserve energy so I can be up and at it when the time comes.

Unfortunately we are less than 2 weeks away from our signature event, the SML Women’s 5K and Children’s Fun Run and Health Fair. This race raises funds to help fight childhood obesity through free in-school running clubs. This is something I’m passionate about and I don’t like taking time off at the most critical stage of preparing for the race.

I am very lucky to have an awesome team that has really gone above and beyond to help make this our  biggest and best event to date! I’m actually doing better than I thought with accepting help from others. I think I finally realized that allowing others to help is a selfless act not a selfish act. For this event, I know that I have extremely capable people that are helping in every way they can. Knowing that they are supporting me and the foundation in that way means so much. I feel like I can rest when I need it and not stress (as much) about dropping the ball on such a big event.

So my goals for this week: very light workouts, lots of rest and keeping up with work within a realistic time frame. That’s the goal, we’ll see how I do! :-)

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