CT Scan Today

Author: Shannon Miller

This morning I had my follow up CT scan (computerized tomography). All night I dreaded that drink you have to have before going through the actual test. Although the toughest part is the whole fasting deal. I’ve always been a breakfast eater and it really helps with nausea to get something, even dry toast or peanut butter (something with protein), in your tummy first thing. Any pregnant woman knows that and it ‘s the same way with chemo.

So it was fasting from midnight last night until after the test; then drinking the lovely fruity drink before you head into the exam. I’ll give you a little secret. Most hospitals, I know St. Vincent’s HealthCare for sure, have two types of drinks. They have the regular drink that tastes decent depending on which flavor you choose. I had berry the first time. It was really good for the first few sips, not bad the first bottle, but toward the end of the second bottle I was not real excited about the flavor anymore.

This time I asked about an alternative drink, it’s always good to ask questions because you never know. And this morning they happened to have a lemonade flavor that basically tastes like crystal light. It was fabulous. If you’re an outpatient that isn’t always an option because the shelf life of the “crystal light” type drink is much shorter. But you never know what they might have on hand so don’t be afraid to ask!

Back to my appreciation of the small things; a big thank you to the wonderful nurses at St V that helped me through a difficult morning. You guys rock!

Now I get to wait for the results. I’m staying positive (and busy). I should find out the results next Friday. That seems like forever! But we are one step closer….

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