Dancing with N.E.D Interview

Author: Shannon Miller

While in Washington D.C. for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance conference, I met up with the filmmakers of the documentary Dancing with N.E.D. Get a sneak peek below!

Exclusive Interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller!! from Spark Media on Vimeo.

About the Film Dancing with N.E.D.

Dancing with N.E.D. Trailer from Spark Media on Vimeo.

Dancing with N.E.D. is the story of an unconventional rock band made up of six GYN surgeons drawn together by their passion for music and outraged by the wall of silence surrounding their field. Their name comes from the three words every patient prays to hear, “No Evidence of Disease”. Now, they’re on a mission, using their original music and lyrics to raise awareness about these deadly diseases that claim thousands of lives each year.

The film also takes an intimate look at women who discover they have a GYN cancer and reveals how they cope with the ensuing emotional upheaval and the physical ordeal. Having caring, dedicated doctors makes all the difference in their often painful and challenging journeys.

From intense operating theaters to laid back jam sessions, from subdued chemo suites to raucous live concerts, Dancing with N.E.D. hopes to shine a spotlight on these inspiring doc rockers, courageous women and a cause whose time has come.

Dancing with N.E.D. is the gripping, intimate story of an unconventional band’s shot at success, women in a fight for their lives, and the rise or fall of an awareness movement that could make all the difference.

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