Different Ovarian Tumors with Dr. Stephen Buckley

Author: Shannon Miller

When you hear the big “C”, Cancer, your brain kind of shuts down.

At least for me it did. I couldn’t quite comprehend that at 33 years old, healthy and active, enjoying life with my husband and baby boy, I could possibly have heard THAT word in reference to me! It was a foreign language, an abstract thought, I couldn’t process that word in the same sentence with my body.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how many medals you’ve won, cancer doesn’t discriminate. It took me a bit to get past the idea of the tumor, this mass, inside of me and then quickly switch gears to getting proactive. If this is what we’re dealing with, then let’s go!

One of my first issues was understanding what type of cancer I had been diagnosed with. Ovarian Cancer is an extremely nasty cancer and I was terrified. My oncologist, Dr. Stephen Buckley with Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates, was absolutely amazing when it came to helping me understand the different types and peel away some of the fear.

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