Hair Crisis Averted!

Author: Shannon Miller

Yes, I’m still losing mine (in fact, all of it tonight) but I’ve averted a different hair crisis. My sweet husband who has been such an incredible rock during this entire ordeal almost got away with a new hair style of his own. Knowing that I’m in for a head shaving tonight he had decided he was going to show his love and support by joining me in my new look!

When a friend let it slip, I had to step in. I love you, baby, but not sure how Rocco would take to having two bald parents overnight. Poor thing is going to wonder what kind of family he signed up for!

I’m very focused on hair this week for obvious reasons. I’m not a big fan of change. I thrive with schedules and routine. I can be flexible but do this best when I have time to plan for it :-). If I have to shave my head, so be it, but I like the idea of keeping as many things in my life as normal as possible. And, yes, that includes my husband’s hair.

It seems like everything comes back to control. Isn’t that the worst part of a cancer diagnosis…the loss of control? I can’t control the fact that my hair is coming out in clumps but I can control whether or not I get out of bed and take a walk. I can take back some control by losing my hair on my own terms and shaving it off.

I feel like chemotherapy is all about forward momentum. You just have to keep taking the next step. Different obstacles will try to block your path but you just have to keep moving forward. Over, around or simply blast through the obstacle but do what you need to do to keep pushing onward.

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