MRI Results Are In!

Author: Shannon Miller

Well, for those that have been following along on my personal roller coaster ride you know that I was a little unnerved by my recent PET scan results. The results were a bit iffy so my oncologist ordered an MRI to better understand what was going on.

Yesterday I arrived at St. Vincent’s Medical Center to undergo my MRI. I don’t think I’ve had one of these since I pulled a hamstring back in the 90’s. (well, three of them. Yes, two legs and 3 pulled hamstrings over the years). So I arrived at the Imaging Center and signed in. As I sat in the waiting room, I kept my mind off the test by reading my latest mind candy from David Baldacci (love it!).

Then comes the inevitable hospital gown and the reminder that the results are important. I’m trying to take it lightly, trying to lean on my faith, but still a bit afraid.

I admit I am not a fan of needles but once I got by that part, I looked forward to nap time on the table. If it wasn’t for the pesky knocking and the occasional request to hold my breath it would have been an absolutely delightful break.

Everything went well and I was on my way within a couple of hours. Then all I had to do was wait. Arghhh! Waiting seems to be one of the most difficult parts. And I wondered if I’d have to wonder the entire weekend about my results. Luckily, no. This morning was busy so when I got a call from my oncologists office and a follow up from my physician (from Barcelona, Spain no less). I was nervous and excited about the news.

It was good. Everything “looks normal for a healthy young woman.” (am I still considered young? Awesome!)

Thank you once again to all of you who have continued to give me strength on this journey. While these tests are now part of my life, I’m still fairly new to all of it. I’m trying each day to remember to simply live each day in the moment and to the fullest possible.

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