My limbs weigh 1000 lbs!

Author: Shannon Miller

Today has been one of those roller coaster days. It’s been a full day between Rocco and preparing for our April 30th event and this evening I really hit a wall. I feel pretty good all things considered, but the fatigue is beginning to get to me. My body is so completely worn out that moving is almost painful. My limbs feel like they weigh 1000 lbs apiece and my brain refuses to work the way I’d like it to.

I have 4 days until my final cycle begins and I’m battling the feeling that I need to accomplish every single item on my to-do list before Monday, when all I really want to do is sleep for a month. I know I’ve got to prioritize but it seems like EVERYTHING is a priority.

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend today, a friend who has been through the cancer battle himself. He reminded me that the most important thing is to focus on my health and make laughter a number one priority. So while I am too exhausted to move I will continue to laugh. Have a good night and keep on laughing.

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