Ovarian Cysts: Very Common

Author: Shannon Miller

We have so many reasons to delay going to the doctor. Too much work, not enough time to sit in the waiting room for an hour, schedule is too crazy, it’s embarrassing, I’m not having any symptoms, etc, etc. Of course, one of the biggest reasons we don’t go is because we’re scared they might find something. It’s easier just to explain away any minor symptoms or stay away until the symptoms are finally getting in the way of our daily life.

It’s important to remember that just because you doctor finds a cyst does not mean that you have cancer. Dr. Stephen Buckley from Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates explains in the video below.

So don’t fear that doctor visit. Look at it as a way to create a baseline for the future so that if something does come up you have a medical history for the physician. In addition, you can use that check up to prompt a healthy lifestyle change such as quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising. Sometimes we need that little nudge.

Keep doing self exams for the things you can (breast cancer) but make sure you see your doctor for the many other issues that may arise. Ask him for a list of exams and screenings you should be getting each year according to you own age, medical history and lifestyle. (check out some of them at JaxHealth.com Health Lifelines).

This isn’t just about cancer. Your annual check-up can tell you if you’re pre-diabetic and give you time to turn things around through diet and exercise. You can find out about your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, heart disease. Many of these things are in your control to change, you just have to know that you are at risk.

Yes, it’s intrusive and takes a bit of time, but an hour or two out of your day now may prevent a devastating diagnosis. Early detection is key. Make that appointment today.



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