Over a Month Out

Author: Shannon Miller

When I was interviewed by Robin Roberts for Good Morning America she asked if I had had a day yet where I didn’t think about the cancer. At the time, I couldn’t even imagine it. She promised that I would. Robin, that day has come much sooner than I thought. Looking at this past weekend, I realize that the day did come!!!

I am now over 1 month out from my final treatment and excited to finally feel like I’m getting back to normal. Granted I tire easier and find myself a bit winded climbing stairs (but then who doesn’t). I look back and I start wondering about the last several months.

I have tried to be forward thinking during each phase of treatment. I wasn’t always successful but I guess you need a few days to just feel bad sometimes. However, for the most part, I felt like I needed to keep taking those baby steps each day so that I wouldn’t get terribly bogged down in those constant thoughts of why me, why now or those what if’s.

While this has been a difficult start to the year it was certainly a wake up call, a reminder that none of us can take our health for granted. And while this has been a rough road for me and my family, I know that like many obstacles in my life it has made me a stronger person.

This  past weekend was a good test for my energy level. We traveled to Oklahoma for my brother’s wedding and to spend time with family. We had so much fun catching up, taking Rocco to the Oklahoma Museum of Science and enjoying the good old Oklahoma heat.

I’m not completely up to eating everything I once enjoyed but at least I am feeling good enough to enjoy a couple of my favorites while in town. Always on my list are barbecue from Steve’s Rib and frozen yogurt at Braum’s. Yes, I mention it every time I go, it’s that good!

It’s time to keep looking forward, but not forget the past. I hope to continue to use this experience to help others and to create awareness. In July, I’ll be speaking at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference in Washington DC. Any time we can help create courage, inspiration and hope to women going through this is a good thing.

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