Quality vs. Quantity

Author: Shannon Miller

By guest blogger Tammy Badida

Take a moment to consider how you would spend your time if you were given just one more year here on this earth.

I remember before my husband became ill that, as a family, we always seemed to be going and doing while never really slowing down. We had a lot of good times and made some amazing memories. That all quickly changed, however, as Nick’s illness began to get worse. Over the last couple of years, holidays and summers were primarily spent at the hospital.

That was certainly a difficult adjustment.

What I began to realize was how important those times around the dinner table, a short walk, or just sitting on our back porch (my favorite!) having sweet family talks would become. Those are and always will be some very fond memories.

As a spouse or a parent, you understand and enjoy the value of that quality time with each other. As a caregiver, that special time to you can become your peace and joy throughout the day.  We simply couldn’t plan the types of family “adventures” we were used to. It was more than enough, however, to watch a movie with my husband and son in our home. Those times allowed me to relax both physically and mentally, and I was very grateful for that.

You do not have to be sick or taking care of someone who is, to enjoy the most life has to offer. What a blessing we found in knowing we did not even have to leave our home to make the best of memories!  Be encouraged by the fact that true quality time provides you with both a sense of joy and greater control over how your time together is spent.

Let me challenge you with this thought: When we knew our quantity of time was going to be limited together, we found out how important this quality time would need to be. Why does “quality of life” seem to have a new meaning to it when you are ill? It shouldn’t.

“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.”-   Jean Paul

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Tammy’s story of “Learning to Live” during a life-changing battle has encouraged and reached so many already and can be found at: www.thebadidas.blogspot.com.

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