The Role of Others

Author: Shannon Miller

By guest blogger Tammy Badida

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. One of the blessings that came out of our long journey with cancer was the many amazing people we that we were blessed to have met along the way. We really made some life- long friends.  I can remember thinking that each person was filling a specific need in our lives at that time, and most of them probably did not even know it.

Many times I would have friends say to me “I want to do something for you, but I just don’t know what to do.”  What I learned is that they really meant that, and to let them help was not only going to bless to me and my family, but it would bless them as well.  Caregivers, there may be days you don’t need a thing but a hug and a prayer, but there will also be days you need the help of many.  Please ask for or accept the help when you need it.  I will confess that I did not always do that, but looking back I wished I had.

Perhaps you know someone that is experiencing a difficult time right now in their lives.  Please reach out to them.  I know sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to do it, but I can promise you as someone who has been the receiver of countless kind gestures, it is always a blessing and will never be unappreciated.

Never underestimate the power of a card, phone call, email, or hug.  Nothing is too small in the eyes of a person who may be having a day where they are feeling broken, sad, exhausted, or lonely.  As rewarding as being a caregiver can be, it can also be a very lonely path to walk.

I recently spoke to a very dear friend of mine, who was also thrust into the role of a caregiver around the same time as me. We both agreed on how much it meant to us to have someone just take the time to ask us how we were doing.  It is not a selfish thing to want people to care about you!

I always be grateful for the immense support that I received from others.  Because those seeds of generosity were planted in my life, I strive to water them, nourish them, and plant them in the lives of others.

“Our happiness is greatest when we contribute most to the happiness of others.” -Harriet Shepard

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