What makes you smile?

Author: Shannon Miller

Almost lost my wig as I walked to my car after a speech last Saturday afternoon. Never thought I’d be grabbing my hair (hat maybe, but not hair) in the wind. I’m just glad I was in the car before it down poured. I don’t think I could carry my bag, hold my hair and run in 4 inch heels at the same time. Well…maybe.

I started thinking about all of those everyday things that make us smile. Those small things that add a ray of sunshine to our day. I interviewed a gentleman for the radio show last week about a book he wrote called “The Book of Awesome.” It reminds us to appreciate the small things:

  • A new lane opening while you’re standing in a long grocery line.
  • Finding a parking spot close to the entrance.
  • The smell of coffee brewing in the morning.
  • Coming home to a clean house.
  • A courteous driver who lets you in before you miss your exit.
  • A rainy, Saturday nap.

Think about those moments in your life that make you smile. We can get lost in the big picture and forget to enjoy all of the little things that make up life’s most enjoyable moments.

One of my favorites, sharing Jello with my son. Also, listening to him say the word Jello (Jaaaallo) which is the most adorable thing ever!

What made you smile today?

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