Going, Going, Gone!

Author: Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller - Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion. My stomach was tied in knots all day. My doctor had said I would likely lose my hair within 10-14 days of beginning chemo. On day 15 I had this tiny thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d be in that small percentage that didn’t lose it. That lasted until the next morning.

I had spoken to several women who had described the process to help give me an idea what to expect. They said prepare to be shocked. First you feel a little tingling in your scalp. When you run a brush through it or shower you’ll start noticing quite a bit is coming out. So I felt like I was somewhat prepared. Not quite!

The first day wasn’t too big of a deal. However, by day three my hair was screaming to jump ship. My scalp ached and there was hair everywhere! The most difficult part was when it started to become huge patches of baldness. Yikes! The best advice I received was to shave it off as soon as possible after it began to come out.

This really made a huge difference. Dragging out the inevitable is painful physically and emotionally. So last night, surrounded by my husband and close friends I took the plunge. I had to ease myself into the chair so I took some time beforehand to try on wigs and learn about the different cover options like scarves, hats, sleep caps, etc.

I’m not sure I can pull off blond but I did find some cute wigs! Next week I’ll post video of the wig party, so stay tuned. I’d like to think that I can be completely rational about this but the fact is, losing your hair is tough. I haven’t had the courage to watch the head shaving yet. Other than a quick glance last night I haven’t had the courage to check out my big bald head. Right now I like the safety net of having a wig and hats. In time I may get brave and not think twice about leaving the house with my baldness exposed. However, for right now, I’m good with my new wig and looking forward to lots of fun hats.

Whatever it takes to get through and stay positive.

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