Yoga During Cancer

Author: Shannon Miller

One of the most important things during chemo is to listen to your body. You’ll begin to figure out which days will be your tough days and which are best for maintaining a certain amount of physical activity. Depending on your personal regime you’ll want to continue to be as active as possible on those good days.

Some of the best exercises during chemo are swimming, walking, Pilates and yoga. These workouts help with your stamina, flexibility, strength and toning. One great way to get your fitness in during the day is to focus on 10/10/10. Ten minutes of gentle Pilates in the morning, a ten minute walk at lunch and yoga in the evening to help you wind down. Of course you can mix these up depending on what you like and what keeps you motivated. Try to work all your body parts 3-4 times per week. Not only will this help with some of the nausea but it will help keep you mind and body in shape for a quicker rebound once your finished! You want to be nice and healthy so you can celebrate!!!

If possible keep a food Journal and Exercise Log. This can also help you keep track of medications and which foods tend to cause nausea. It will also serve as a good reminder to fit in some daily fitness.

Our Thanks to Jeri Miliard of In the Pink for participating in this video.

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