10 Minute HIIT Workout

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

How is your 2015 fitness journey going thus far?

If one of your goals was to lose weight this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, Shannon is going to lead us in a great, quick HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training workout.

HIIT is a great tool to losing weight and seeing results, when paired with cardio and weight training a few times a week. It also has a great deal of depth a variety so you will never get bored of the same workout. Here is a great breakdown on how to build a quick HIIT workout.

Just choose one move from each category (A,B, C, and D) for your workout and do three rounds of the four moves. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds and take a 15 second break. Then go on to the next move. This workout should take you less than 10 minutes and it will have you feeling the burn! The goal is to keep moving the entire 30 seconds, and as you become more fit, you will see the number of reps you are able to do in that time go up.

Group A: Lower-Body Moves

Air squats: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms bent with hands at chest level. Push your butt back, as if sitting down in a chair, and slowly lower yourself down until hip crease is below knees, making sure to keep knees behind toes. Stand back up and repeat.

Alternating lunges: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and step out in front of you with right foot while bending right knee. Lower yourself until left knee almost touches floor, then immediately raise yourself back up and return right foot to starting position. Repeat, alternating sides.

Squat jumps: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms bent in front of you with hands at chest level. Bend knees and lower yourself into a full squat. Once you hit the bottom, jump up explosively and reach high towards the ceiling. When you land, return down to the squat position and repeat.

Group B: Upper-Body Moves

Push-ups: Start in plank position, feet and hands on floor with your body straight. Lower yourself down until chest hits floor and raise yourself back up, keeping core tight. If these are too hard, you can scale them and drop to your knees (just make sure to keep abs engaged the entire time!).

Dips: Sit on the edge of your sofa and place your hands on the cushions next to your butt, legs extended out in front of you. Push up with your arms and slide your butt out in front of the edge of the sofa. Then raise and lower your body by bending and straightening your arms behind you.

Group C: Core Moves

Crunches: Lay on the ground with knees straight or lay back on an exercise ball. Place arms behind your head touching only with your fingertips (do not pull on your head or neck). Engage your abdominal muscles bringing your chest slightly up. For a slightly more difficult version alternate picking up one leg and then the other. You’ll engage your core, expand the muscle groups your working and increase your balance.

Plank: Facing the floor, get onto elbows, forearms and toes. Keeping abs engaged, create a straight line from toes to shoulders. If this is too hard, you can raise yourself  to your hands or even put your hands on a raised surface like a sturdy coffee table or couch. Remember the closer to horizontal you get, the more difficult the move becomes.

Glute bridges: Lie on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Engaging your abs the entire time, lift your hips up off the floor until you have a straight line from knees to shoulders, pressing your heels down for stability. Slowly return to start and repeat.

Group D: Cardio component

Well there is only one choice for this group, but it is a total body one!

Burpees: From a standing position, quickly drop your body to the floor by kicking your feet behind you and touching your chest to the ground. As fast as possible, bring your feet back under you and finish the movement by jumping into the air and clapping hands overhead. If you would like to try a modified burpee, simply skip the push up by holding a plank for a second instead. Or you can opt out of the jump and do a full body stretch to the sky.

*The cardio component is key to getting your heart rate up. If you prefer not to go for the burpee, run in place (knees up  high), do jumping jacks or jump rope. These are all great ways to increase your cardio.

Have some other great moves to add into this? Share with us in a comment below!

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