Back and Abdominal Muscles: Partners in Crime!

Author: Shannon Miller

strengthening core muscles

Normally, our abdominal and back muscles run like a very well-oiled machine!

Unfortunately, as we age, these muscles tend to weaken. However, if we make a conscious effort, we can keep them strong through exercise.  Having weak abdominal and back muscles can cause stress to be put on the spine which can result in discomfort in the back. 

By taking the time to strengthen our abdominal and back muscles (our core), we are more likely to reap benefits like:*

  • Decreased likelihood of back pain episodes
  • Decreased severity of back pain
  • Protection against injury by responding better to stressors
  • Better posture

Check out “Shannon Miller Abs To-Go” for Shannon’s 40 favorite Abdominal and Core exercises.  Simply choose a few moves each workout or follow the routines in the back of this book 3 to 4 times a week.

TIP:  A strong core prevents injury, gives you better posture and helps you fit into your favorite jeans!

*T.E. Hyde, DC,  “Back Exercises and Abdominal Exercise Recommendations”,  Spine-Health,  28 Jan 2011.

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