Back Pain Prevention

Author: Shannon Miller

“Ohhh, my back, my back!”

To avoid a situation where you are left uttering these words, take steps now to prevent back pain!  Preventing back pain is surely more optimal than relieving back pain.

Check out the tips below to get your back on track.*

  • Do strengthening and stretching exercises that focus on your back muscles. Make this a priority 2 – 3 times per week. Get a fantastic core workout with “Shannon Miller’s Abs To-Go” book!
  • Say Ohhhmmm….Yoga is great for preventing back pain because it helps with strengthening and stretching back muscles, as well as improving posture. Check out Shannon’s favorite yoga poses in “Shannon Miller Stretching To-Go” book.
  • Don’t lift with your back! Lift heavy things correctly by keeping your back straight and bending at your knees or hips.
  • Keep your bones strong by getting your fill of calcium, which can help prevent osteoporosis – a leading cause of back pain. If you’re not getting enough through the foods you eat, talk to your physician about a supplement.
  • Your mom wasn’t just trying to annoy you when she told you not to slouch!She wanted you to develop good posture habits!  In case you ignored her then, check out these good posture tips below:
    • Sit straight up with your back against the back of the chair and feet flat on the ground.  Keep your knees a tad higher than your hips (make 90 degree angle with the floor).
    • Stand tall with your head up and your shoulders back.

*Source:  “Prevent Back Pain”,  Healthfinder, 10 Feb 2011.

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