Do the Pumpkin Workout!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Got a pumpkin to celebrate the fall season?

Let’s use a pumpkin for something a little different – a fun little fall workout.

Want more fun in your pumpkin workout routines? Do them outside!

Try these exercises for a fun Pumpkin Workout:

Pumpkin lateral jump

Tip: Don’t try this on a really tall pumpkin.

With feet together, jump over the pumpkin to the other side, tucking knees as you go.

Try to get through 10, or until you can’t keep your feet together.

Pumpkin jump and run

Use the same tuck form as above, but jump from behind to in front of the pumpkin, run behind it and start again.

Pumpkin toss

Tip: use a strong, reliable friend, or use this as a game after you are done with the pumpkin.

Toss a pumpkin, using both hands, underhand, to your friend.

Catch it as he throws it back. Step back one step, start again.

Continue the game until it is not possible or the pumpkin breaks.

Pumpkin circle

Hold the pumpkin with both hands in a low squat.

Rotate the body to the left as you draw an arc around with the pumpkin, to overhead.

Continue the form as you draw the other side of the circle and squat back down.


Draw 6-10 complete circles.

Pumpkin roll up

Tip: Use a small pumpkin.

Lay all the way down.

Hold your pumpkin over your chest.

Roll up to a seated position, touch the pumpkin to your toes.

Lay back down very slowly.

Do 6-10 repetitions.

Did you enjoy these Pumpkin Workout Routines?  How large was the pumpkin you used for your workout?

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