Exercise Ball Fun!

Author: Shannon Miller

If you have been sitting up at night wondering what great fun you could have if you invested in an exercise ball (approx $20), have no fear, your answers are here!

Your abdominal muscles will love you forever for using an exercise ball.

Not only does it mix things up a bit and make exercise fun, an exercise ball is great for helping you get those abs you’ve been longing for!  Focusing on your core can aid in preventing injury, giving you better posture, and helping you fit into your favorite jeans!

If you’re ready to reap these rewards, check out the exercise ball options below:


Ball CrunchBall Crunch

  1. Begin by lying back on the ball keeping feet flat on floor.
  2. Arms may be behind your head or straight above your head.
  3. Squeeze your upper abs
  4. Lift your shoulder blades up for the crunch.
  5. Do between 12 and 25 repetitions.

Ball Rock and RollRock and Roll

  1. Place palms on the floor shoulder width apart.
  2. Place the top of one foot on the ball, then the other.
  3. Begin in a push up position with shoulders stacked directly above your hands.
  4. Keeping upper body completely still, use your lower abs to pull the ball toward your hands.  Hold.
  5. Slowly extend legs, hold and repeat.

Ball Single Leg CrunchSingle Leg Balance and Crunch

  1. Place palms on the floor, shoulder with apart.
  2. Place the top of one foot on the ball, then the other.
  3. Keep your upper body stable and raise your left leg several inches.
  4. Bring your left knee toward your right elbow, squeezing your upper abs and obliques.  Hold.
  5. Slowly return your left leg to ball.  Repeat on other side.

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