Exercise “To-Go” with Shannon Miller

Author: Shannon Miller

It’s important to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days per week. This includes cardio, stretching and light strength training. As busy as women are, we don’t always have time to get to a gym. I created my series of Fitness To-Go books to help women squeeze a little workout into their busy day.

My Abs To-Go, Stretching To-Go and Yoga To-Go booklets are easy to throw in your purse or just use at home while the baby naps. I’ve included my favorite exercises and health tips to keep you motivated.

Your 30 minutes of exercise does not have to be in one full block. Remember 10/10/10 (that’s right the perfect 10!). Ten minutes of workout in the morning when you get up, a ten minute walk at lunch and ten more while your watching TV or before dinner. The routines in the back of each book make it easy to grab a quick 10 minute workout any time of day.

 Download my Strength & Flexibility sheet, FREE, and get started!

Download Shannon Miller’s Strength & Flexibility sheet


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