Exercising Through Injury or Disability

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Ever felt like complaining:

“That’s too hard…”

“I have a condition….”

“I hurt my knee when I was 16…”?

You may be able to enjoy the benefits of adaptive sports and recreation programs, that make it possible for people with an injury or disability to exercise and join in the fun.

There is a solution for every disability or injury. You can still get a good workout, or even join a team, with one or more problems or disabilities. Better news still? Exercise professionals everywhere are busy coming up with solutions for everyday people who have every kind of issue, from injuries too disease.

Mind-Body exercise is increasingly popular for all populations. A lot of research has revealed the benefits of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Qigong on various populations. Most recently, scientists found that Tai Chi is accessible, and useable for people with cancer, arthritis, and Parkinson’s. Scientists also discovered that adding meditation helps people with chronic pain from all kinds of ailments benefits them tremendously and can reduce need for medication. Tai Chi practice has even been studied in conjunction with arthritis and other chronic pain sufferers, and in these studies, has reduced the need for medication by 75%, in just 60 days.

In other circumstances, such as disability, adaptive sports and recreation concepts use creative and fun methods to help people be more active. Many rec centers offer wheelchair basketball or rowing machines for people who have paralysis. For arm injuries, using leg presses and leg machines are great for keeping strength. We recommend, however, having a trained professional help you with form and spotting.

Many leagues and clubs have been built on the premise of helping people who are disabled in some way to be actively involved in sports and games. Adaptive Sports with Disabilities  is an organization for people and by people with chariots disabilities. They form classes and teams for people with disabilities, and offer leadership positions to those who are involved.

The Paraplegic Olympics was started in Great Britain after World War II to give wounded soldiers an outlet of activity. That Olympic ring has grown since, and  is now known as the Paralympics, including people with all kinds of injuries and disabilities. These incredible athletes perform on a level so high that some are considered to be of World Wide Olympic Level.

With creativity, heart, and determination, people with unbelievable challenges can persevere and compete at a very high level.

As always, ask a physician about your specific condition, and then seek out a certified fitness professional for help.

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