From Texting to Tennis – Don’t Forget to Stretch

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Your forearms are responsible for moving your wrists and fingers, so it’s important to keep them feeling loose when doing different repetitive tasks such as:

  • Racquet sports (tennis or racquet ball)
  • Typing
  • Texting (OMG, LOL)
  • Using a mouse (not the cheese eating kind!)

 Check out the following stretches…

Forearm stretch

 shannon-forearm-stretch–      Stand or sit with your back straight.

–      Raise your arm so that it is horizontal to the ground, keeping your elbow straight.

–       First try this – with your palm facing outward and your fingers pointing down, gently bend your palm back to feel the stretch in your forearm.

–      Then try this – face your palm toward your body, point your fingers down, and gently

bend your palm toward your body to feel the stretch in you forearm.

–          Hold stretches for 10-20 seconds.

–          Repeat with other arm.

Of course, if you’re going to be doing these types of activities, it’s also not a bad idea to give your wrists a little extra attention.  Check out 2 classic wrist stretches that are texter tested and OMG so approved LOL…

Wrist rolls


–          Stand or sit with a straight back.

–          Keep shoulders rolled down and back.

–          Roll fists in a circle, gently.

–          Move clockwise, then reverse.




Wrist stretch in a prayer position


–          Stand up tall with shoulders rolled down and back.

–          Place palms together in a prayer position.

–          Gently raise elbows until you feel the stretch in your wrists and forearms.

–          Hold 15-30 seconds.

–          Then, place back of hands together and gently lower elbows to feel the opposite stretch.


TIP:  Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the court, try these stretches out this week and keep your muscles feeling loose!

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