Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions with Polar Fitness Technology

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

New Year’s resolutions equal packed gyms and renewed commitments to burn calories and get fit, but a lack of motivation can get the best of many returning gym-goers.

To maintain motivation, anyone who’s really “resolute” should focus on reaching daily activity goals and using heart rate training to get the most out of every workout.  Heart rate training is the true measure of exercise intensity, which enables people to get in the “zone” that’s most effective for their  goals – such as running a 5K race or losing 10 pounds.

Polar, the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technology, offers a variety of products to support every health and fitness goal.

Resolutions are often lofty goals that must be reached over time, but they are comprised of the decisions people make each day.  For those looking to rethink their day in the New Year, the Polar Loop activity tracker motivates users to reach and exceed daily steps taken, calories burned and activity goals. Polar Loop, the first 24/7 waterproof and heart-rate compatible activity tracker, gives users the power to track movement and activity all day whether at the gym, or around the house.  It even analyzes the quality and quantity of a user’s sleep. Polar Loop will notify users via the Polar Flow iPhone app when they’ve been inactive for too long, and will provide suggestions for reaching daily goals, such as jogging for 10 minutes, walking for 20 minutes or making an extra lap around the perimeter of CES.

For advanced exercisers or athletes who want to crush their resolutions and personal bests, the Polar V800 is the best all-in-one “smart coaching” tool for 24/7 use. As the training tool for the 2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship winner Frederik Van Lierde, the Polar V800 is the tool “Chosen By Champions” to enable record-breaking feats for the new year. Special features for the Polar V800 include integrated GPS, waterproof design, Bluetooth® Smart capabilities and a barometric pressure sensor. Like the Polar Loop, the Polar V800 can monitor 24/7 activity including sleep regularity.

Both new and advanced exercisers can earn “champion” status in health and fitness throughout the year by incorporating Polar products into their daily lives. Polar products are available for purchase on ShopPolar.com and at many leading sporting goods retailers.

For more information, visit www.polar.com.

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