Hot New Fitness Trends

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Are you looking for a way to ramp up your fitness?

Do you need a new idea, a new motivator for fitness that you know will keep you motivated, push you forward, and change your body?

We found some new fitness programs to help you keep having fun while keeping fit.

It’s easy to see why group exercise and small group exercise things are definitely trending. Any time you can get with your friends and be social is a gift today, whether it is after a long day or work or a change of pace to refresh. Feeding off the energy of others is a bonus. We all feel we can do more when we are surrounded by positive energy.

Here are some examples of what you will be seeing this year and continuing forward in helping people find their perfect workout.

Aerial Yoga

Combine trapeze-like straps and lengthening practice of yoga, and you have a no-impact way to strengthen with flexibility. Yoga studios around the country are installing scarves and straps to allow customers to elevate and pull into yoga poses, rather than doing them on the floor. It takes incredible control, core strength, and stamina, and is sure to be a great workout, but in a very calming way. Namaste. Find an aerial yoga class near you.

Barre Classes

Want a ballerina figure? These are not your typical ballet classes. Instead, modern Barre exercise classes, such as Booty Barre by Tracey Mallett, use strength training exercises with balance, even incorporating straps and balls with the exercises, to sculpt a lean physique. Be prepared to work hard, but again with little to no impact or stress. Find a Barre Class near you.

GRIT Groups

When does personal training get more intense? When there is more than just you and your trainer. Small group training is big now, and with big reason. A few people in a small group tend to inspire and motivate more than one-on-one. People begin to compare themselves to their neighbor, and they tend to work a little harder. It’s almost like competition, only friendlier. Les Mills now offers their clubs the GRIT training experience, where the trainers are teaching a small group format for 30 minutes of intense exercise. These workouts are designed to push and to motivate, and the trainer has to follow the given system. Many trainers use similar non-Les Mills formats, so ask at your gym what kind of small group you could get into. Find a GRIT class near you.

Mud Runs and Color Runs

Mud Runs and Color Runs are popping up everywhere. The fun twist of being sprayed with washable paint while or getting muddy doing obstacles is spreading like wildfire. The race is more for fun than it is for competition, so go with high energy and a playful attitude. Find a Mud Run or Color Run near you.

REALLY Personalized Training

Clubs such as Life Time Fitness are really going for personal attention when they assess members. This trend is to understand peoples’ vitals and targets, in order to understand what kind of fitness and nutrition program will work. With a little blood work, now the fitness professionals know their clients fasting blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol. They can help people find out what the problem really is before prescribing a fitness routine that works for them. These clubs use local labs for all the work, and hire registered dieticians and highly trained fitness professionals to give customers their best full-circle solution, not just a one-size-fits-all class.

What is your favorite thing in fitness? What will you be trying next?

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