Long Day? Stretch it Out!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

After a long day of holding the baby, doing yard work, or sitting at a desk, some stretching can be the best thing for your body.

Get some relaxing relief with these great stretches! You can find more in our easy-to-travel book Shannon Miller Stretching To-Go.

Wide Arm Chest Stretch

  • Stand with your back straight, pulling up with your posture.
  • Brings arms out to side, horizontal to the floor.
  • Palms are flat, facing forward.
  • Stretch arms backward, feeling the stretch through your chest.
  • Hold 15-30 seconds.

Neck Rolls

  • Stand or sit up nice and tall.
  • Slowly drop your chin toward your chest.
  • Roll your head slowly clockwise.
  • Focus on dropping your shoulders and stretching your ear toward each shoulder.
  • Repeat moving counterclockwise.
  • 3 slow repetitions in each direction.

Upper Back Stretch

  • Interlock your fingers in front of you, palms facing toward you or away.
  • Hands should be shoulder height as you push forward and round your upper back.
  • Feel the stretch primarily in your upper middle back.
  • Hold 15-30 seconds.

SML TIP: Use these stretches this week to keep your body happy and your muscles relaxed! Want to see how to do some more helpful stretches?  Shannon Miller Stretching To-Go offers 60 of Shannon’s favorite stretches.

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