Mister Blister, please go away!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

What do the following scenarios have in common? 

  1. Slipping shoes on after being in the pool or at the beach
  2. During sports seasons, the kids are wearing different shoes and getting their feet wet from sweat or post-practice showers
  3. You wearing that perfect pair of heels that looks good but doesn’t fit so well

…all of these scenarios may end the same way…with a blister!  What exactly are blisters?  They are painful, fluid filled lesions (Ew!).

More importantly, what are common causes of blisters?

  • Shoes that don’t fit well
  • Stiff shoes
  • Wrinkled socks that rub against your skin
  • Excessive moisture
  • Foot deformities

Now that you know everything you ever wanted to know about blisters, check out these nifty tips that will help you to prevent them but also care for them if they do appear:

  • Dry your feet thoroughly after swimming, bathing, working out, etc.
  • Always wear socks, which can act as a cushion between your feet and shoes.
  • Wear shoes that fit!  (Those heels might look real nice, but if they don’t fit, your feet will turn on you by the end of night!)
  • Stay away from popping blisters.  Instead, carefully do the following:
  1. Open a corner of the blister closest to the bottom of the foot with a sterilized utensil, such as a sewing needle
  2. Drain
  3. Apply antibiotic cream
  4. Cover with a bandage
  • Check the blister on a regular basis to make sure that it’s not getting infected.

TIP:  Let blisters know that they are not welcome!  Take care of your feet – they’ll love you for it!

Source: “Summer Foot Fixes”,  American Podiatric Medical Association.

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