National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

On this day, SML celebrates girls in sports and women in sports, in all levels of sports activities.

We also acknowledge Title IX and its great impact on the level of sports education that young women get.

What are the advantages for girls in sports?

1. Girls in sports are less likely to develop certain kinds of cancer and other illnesses later on.

Girls in sports usually maintain a healthy body structure, strong bones, strong muscles, healthy hearts, and stronger lungs. Because of this, these women are less likely to develop diseases related to unhealthy behaviors and habits, or diseases that arise due to unhealthy body weight.

2. Girls in sports are less likely to suffer from self-esteem issues.

A girl who plays sports puts herself out there, and takes a stand to make a point or serve a role on a team. She usually feels confident in her ability. Being active also improves mood and brain function.

3. Girls in sports are less likely to suffer from depression.

Along with a healthy self-image, girls who exercise and play in sports feel strong and balanced. They also have a much higher rate of endorphins, the feel-good hormones.

4. Girls in sports learn the true meaning of “team.”

When girls work together to play a sport or game, they learn what team effort is about, and what team roles are. These are life lessons that help women in other areas of life, including family life and career.

5. Girls in sports, on average, make better grades than non-athletes.

Girls make better grades because of their sense of self-worth, their time-management capabilities, their adherence to a plan, their desire to persevere, and their determination to succeed. All of these skills are learned in sports.

6. Girls in sports are usually also very active in their communities.

Girls on a team understand the need for a team, and they tend to see that as a bigger picture. They can see their team as the town, community, state, or even nation, and they want to be an active participant in that team.

7. Girls in sports are less likely to use illegal drugs or smoke.

A star athlete will not dash her dreams by using illegal drugs. Smoking hinders performance. Knowing these things tends to keep athletic girls from trying illegal drugs or smoking.

8. Girls in sports are less likely to have sex early on, or to have a teen pregnancy.

This is all merely statistics and data. No one is perfect, nor should we assume that putting a girl in sports is an absolute on any of these issues. However, the odds are in her favor to want to achieve and succeed in life if she is getting important life lessons through an activity she enjoys.

(All above statements and statistics are through the AAUW.)

Only a few years ago, women could play sports early in life, but then later had to make other choices for a career, simply because women did not play professional sports. Today, there are paid women’s leagues in many sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and golf. Women in sports now get high-paying coaching and sports-casting jobs and endorsements.

Though we cannot honestly say we women get even air time, the ladies are definitely taking the sports field by storm and making it count. Involving your daughter in sports counts, too.

Have you or your daughter enjoyed some of these benefits of becoming involved in sporting activities?  Please encourage others by sharing your positive experiences in a Comment to this article.

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