Pre-Holiday Workout #3 : 30 Second Intervals

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Not sure how long to do each exercise?

You can count repetitions or time. Sometimes, time is a little more fun, and it motivates you to keep going.

The number you can do in 30 seconds may be different from someone else’s, and that’s OK.

We change, grow, and improve over time.

Try these intervals for 30 seconds each.

SML Diet Tip: A serving of fruits and vegetables is about the size of a baseball.

Count your baseball-sized servings of fruits and vegetables that you eat every day, or keep a visual representation of your “baseballs” per day. Work your way up to 5 serving of fruits and vegetables per day, and then gradually up to 10! You’ll find that your “baseballs” will soon be replacing the unnecessary foods in your diet.


This Pre-Holiday Fitness Workout was designed by Carrie Harper, owner of CarrieFitCarrie Harper and ACE CertifiedPersonal Trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach. She is is passionate about wellness education and believes education is power! She tries to give people the best information, and therefore the strongest programs, possible in the fields of health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, energy, and vitality. Visit Carrie’s website to check out her other fitness routines!

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