Pre-Holiday Workout #4 : Balance and Tone

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Any kind of balance exercise is going to challenge your core.

Adding movement will challenge and strengthen the muscle groups and the mind, as it takes focus to balance.

Balance takes practice. If you do not get it the first time, just keep trying. You will also find that some days are better than others. That is normal. It all depends on what our bodies and minds are going through that day. Take this kind of exercise as it comes, not always expecting perfection.

For an added challenge, try a balance disk or a Bosu ball to do these and other balance exercises on. These systems will strengthen muscle and connective tissue around the joints, challenge the core, and help us improve general posture and alignment.

SML Diet Tip: For a flat tummy, think clean.

Clean foods that have lots of fiber get rid of unnecessary fluids and fats that get stuck in our system. In general, you want 30 grams of fiber in a day. So, find out what your fiber intake is per day. If it is under 5 grams, shoot for 5 first. Gradually start increasing your fiber.

Do NOT go from nothing to 30 grams today! You will probably suffer some serious stomach pains, just from the rash adjustment your body will have to make. Think in increments of 5 grams. Start with where you are, and increase by 5 in a couple of days. Let your body adjust and then increase by 5 more. You will get to 30.

Bonus: that fibrous food will fill you up and keep you from eating things you don’t need!


This Pre-Holiday Fitness Workout was designed by Carrie Harper, owner of CarrieFitCarrie Harper and ACE CertifiedPersonal Trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach. She is is passionate about wellness education and believes education is power! She tries to give people the best information, and therefore the strongest programs, possible in the fields of health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, energy, and vitality. Visit Carrie’s website to check out her other fitness routines!

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