Pre-Holiday Workout #5 : Ease into the Day Yoga and Stretching Routine

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Yoga Class

Yoga, stretching, and other mind-body-spirit exercise forms are important and integral parts of your overall exercise and fitness practice.

As reported before on SML, these fitness practices lift our spirits, help our focus, bring us to a peaceful place, strengthen and lengthen our muscles, and relieve overall stress.

As you practice yoga or any stretching, keep mindful of breathing. Be conscious of the filling and emptying of the lungs through the movement. Also, be conscious of where your eyes lie. If they are not focused, the body will have trouble with balance. The same goes for the mind. When the mind wanders, the body wanders, too. It is better to keep the thoughts on the practice, rather than on the distractions of the day.

SML Diet Tip: Everyone needs a little “wiggle room”. So, if 80% of your meals and snacks are perfect, consider your job in nutrition to be well done! For the other 20%, allow for a little wiggle room. A glass of wine or a square of chocolate every now and then will not wreck your diet. In fact, they may help. Giving yourself small allowances now helps avoid a crash-and-burn effect later.

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This Pre-Holiday Fitness Workout was designed by Carrie Harper, owner of CarrieFitCarrie Harper and ACE CertifiedPersonal Trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach. She is is passionate about wellness education and believes education is power! She tries to give people the best information, and therefore the strongest programs, possible in the fields of health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, energy, and vitality. Visit Carrie’s website to check out her other fitness routines!

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