Pump That Iron!

Author: Shannon Miller

When you think of weightlifting, or “pumping iron,” you might think that it’s something that should be left up to American Gladiator participants!

However, there are many benefits to weightlifting for the average person – and, contrary to popular belief, the average woman!

So, if you’re looking for another way to stay in shape this New Year, weightlifting might be just the activity for you!*

  • Let’s get flexible! Weight training can help with flexibility because when you do weight training exercises, you are stretching and strengthening your muscles.  And the stronger your muscles are, the less likely they are to fall victim to injury.
  • Lookin’ good! Maybe you are leery of lifting weights because you don’t want to get “too muscle-y.”  The major growth hormone related to bulging muscles is testosterone.  In turn, the results of weight training for men and women are likely to be different – it can help women get a firm and tone look…maybe just what you are looking for in 2011!
  • One step (and reward) at a time! One thing that can keep weightlifting interesting is that you can set goals and then reward yourself for achieving them.  When you hit a certain weight or do a certain number of repetitions, take pride in that!  Give yourself credit for your accomplishment…maybe in the form of a nice spa treatment afterward!
TIP:  If you are now “pumped” about weight training, challenge yourself this week to try it out!

*J. O’neil“Some Common Myths That Keep Women From Weight Training”, HealthGuidance,  2 Jan 2011.

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