Quickfire Challenge #9: Yoga-Cardio Workout

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

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The quickest way to a cardio challenge in your yoga is to add vinyasa sequences to your yoga practice.

Vinyasa is the flow from movement to movement with particular attention on flowing with breath. Your vinyasa flow may be slightly slower than mine, depending on your breathing, so you may want to watch the first time and flow the second time through.

We begin with a sun salutation. I’ll post “in” or “out” before each movement so that you know the direction of the breath at that particular moment.

  • in-circle the arms high and stretch the whole body up
  • out-forward bend
  • in-spine extension
  • out-forward bend
  • in
  • out-step or hop into plank, chaturanga.
  • in-cobra
  • out-downward facing dog. Add an extra breath and ease into the pose here.
  • out-step or hop forward
  • in-spine extension
  • out-foward bend
  • in-lift from the hips all the way up, arms up, stretch to the sky
  • out-circle the arms, hands to heart.

Begin the sequence again. When you get to downward facing dog, add a three-legged dog.

  • out-knee in to chest while pulling navel and spine in and up
  • in-stretch leg back out.
  • Repeat 3 times on each leg.
  • Back down to downward facing dog.
  • out-wave the body from feet to head into plank
  • in
  • out-wave from shoulders to heels back into downward facing dog.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • out-wave the body down, starting with the head through the arms, followed by chest, abdomen, and hips, into cobra.
  • in
  • out-push up into downward facing dog.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • in
  • out-hop forward
  • in-chair pose. Keep the knees bent, more forward than a squat, with tailbone tucked under. Arms high. Take an extra breath here.
  • in-warrior I
  • out-warrior II
  • in-reverse warrior
  • out-side angle pose
  • in-reverse warrior
  • out-half moon. Take an extra breath and focus here.
  • out-warrior III. Take an extra breath and focus again.
  • out-standing split. Take an extra breath to extend through the legs.
  • out-chair pose. Take an extra breath to re-balance.
  • Repeat from chair into warrior sequence on the other side.

Extra challenge: Go into temple pose. Bring the body low. Bring the hands to the floor. Place the knees on the upper arms, ease into crane pose. Take your time. Stay here and take a breath, ease out of it. Finish in savasana.

____________________________________________________________________________________Carrie Harper

This Quickfire Challenge Workout was designed by Carrie Harper, owner of CarrieFit and ACE CertifiedPersonal Trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach. She is is passionate about wellness education and believes education is power! She tries to give people the best information, and therefore the strongest programs, possible in the fields of health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, energy, and vitality. Visit Carrie’s website to check out her other fitness routines!

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