Six Cool Gadgets Every SML Woman Needs in Her Life

Author: Shannon Miller

The Zhip

Oh, Ladies! It’s been awhile. I’ve missed giving you all great tips and reviewing fab products, but I can truly say I have been honored to see Shannon battle her way courageously through “her journey”. I mean, videos like this are such an inspiration!

Also, I’m happy to say I’ve shed my title as “Lauren the Intern” and have become just “Lauren”, a help to the SML Team! Aside from that great news, this morning has been not so great. Let’s recap and see if any of you mommies, business women, or girls-on-the-go have ever experienced any of the following.

  • My Blackberry reset three times as it kept dropping from the middle console to the ground with every turn…right when I needed my GPS app most. Therefore, I got lost.
  • I could barely make it through dropping off someone at the airport because of erratic drivers.
  • My tummy was grumbling since I was running behind and didn’t eat breakfast.
  • My neck and shoulder is now out of whack from sitting in a bad position all day at my desk.
  • I have no clue what I am going to cook tonight for my friend who is coming from out of town.

Now, compared to others’ situations, this is a laughing matter. However, I know each and every one of you reading this has thought (like Shannon did) at one point in your life, “Geez, why me?! Where is my magical gadget to make life easier?”

Well, since you asked….

No, I can’t persuade the higher powers to bless you infinitely, but I can find the coolest gadgets that will aid your busy lifestyle.

The Zhip1. The Zhip

Pretty sure this Zhip video says it all, but we all know I enjoy talking, writing, sharing, etc. Basically, it’s a little clip to hold your smart device anywhere leaving your hands free. I have actually played with it, too, and surprisingly it seems like it’s unbreakable. (No kids smashing this guy!) Look at all the places you can use it:  In the car to entertain kids in the back seat or hopeless drivers that drop their GPS devices with every turn; (Wait, does that sound familiar?) in the gym (safely attaches the device to the top of the console for safe and easy viewing); on the plane to enjoy your own personal entertainment; on a kitchen cabinet handle while cooking; or anywhere else you need it…This beats dropping your device and getting it scratched. I don’t have three arms to do what I need to do, and having one occupied with my cell phone just doesn’t cut it for busy women like me.

Powermat2. The Powermat

This thing lets you charge your phone simply by adding a Powermat Reciever to your smart phone and then placing it on the special Powermat surface. There’s no fiddling with cords and plugging it in. The charging process takes about the same amount of time as standard charging, and doesn’t hurt the battery in any way; actually, it might even save its life thanks to Powermat’s technology that makes sure the mat delivers the “exact amount of power needed.” The most interesting bit is probably Powermat’s plan to integrate its wireless charging technology into many objects in your everyday life, such as airplane seats or a desk lamp. When this  happens, I’ll really be impressed, but this is something to watch out for since you’ll always have a full battery. Then, you can always play BrickBreaker at a rest stop when you want to cool off from screaming at crazy drivers on the highway.

ArmPocket3.  Armpocket

I-Want-This. Seriously, it may look bulky, but it’s about the same as other armband holders. This will carry your iPod, cell phone, keys, wallet, or energy bars. I hate running with a little backpack on or a key shoved in my sports bra, so I really think I should give this a try. Come on, Armpocket, send us one! Just kidding. I mean, only if you want to… The features:

  • Water resistant, protects your electronics
  • Available with touch-thru window
  • 3 interior pockets
  • Made from recycled material and natural bamboo
  • Ultra-soft, comfortable and light-weight

Apparently it comes in assorted colors, according to Armpocket customer testimonials, so all you fitness gals are set. Grab this and find a new route with a buddy for your Walk-Fit Rewards!

Demy Kitchen Safe Touch Screen Recipe Reader4.  Demy Kitchen Safe Touch Screen Recipe Reader

I have just recently discovered my affection for cooking fun, exotic, but EASY (keyword) dishes. I love being able to just look up a recipe right at the kitchen counter without searching for the laptop, sticky fingers, flour everywhere… It means easy dinner for my friend… and no more of the “inventing.” All I know is this is perfect for the chef in training or average woman who may not love to cook, but has hungry kids to feed. This Demy 7 inch touch screen monitor holds up to 2500 recipes, and has a splash resistant screen that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The device can sync by USB to a computer; also accessible to the internet. It already comes preloaded with 250 recipes, but I have a feeling you’ll be loading more SML recipes, right?

Jorno5. Jorno

Being a business woman, this instantly caught my eye when I first saw it. The Jorno basically turns your compatible mobile device such as your cell phone, tablet, etc. into a convenient, pocket-sized laptop. The compact and detachable cradle that comes with it securely holds your device and adjusts to any viewing angle, enabling the set-up that is most convenient for you. It also features a stowable kickstand for use with tablet devices or when detached from the keyboard. All you mommy-bloggers can now not worry about where your bulky laptop is and if you can have Wi-Fi access at this coffee shop or not. Your cell phone has you covered. See, I told you you’ll be able to breathe easier.

6.  And of course… The SML Personal Fitness Mat

I cannot bend it like Beckham (or should I say Shannon?)
Yoga and stretching helps with sore limbs, improves your posture, and *ahem* relieve stress from my (er) your neck when you have poor posture sitting at a desk all day.  I had the pleasure of watching Shannon do exercises like the one above in the miniseries on Shannon’s YouTube channel, and I even got on it and could feel how supportive it is. This personal fitness mat is so comfy that I kind of want to do pushups and sit-ups in order for my six pack to re-emerge. Kind of.

All in all, whether you’re stepping into the battle against cancer like Shannon did, or you need a break as your five hungry kids arrive pounding in from soccer practice looking for a feast, the SML Team has got you covered on what products will make you breathe easier.

Tell us what you think about a cool craze, product, or gadget! Have you seen something that you’d like to be reviewed? If we get it, we’ll review it and try to send you one, too!

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