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Hey ladies, McKeanna again! I’m very excited about our Fall Fitness Finds!

Lululemon has some awesome gear, and I’m happy to share the inside scoop with everyone! Also, info on our favorite new energy snack bars and if you’re in need of a great fitness mat, we’ve got you covered!

What to Wear:

Lululemon originated in Vancouver, Canada and is specifically designed for the movements of yoga, Pilates and running. All the fabrics used are very soft, but designed to pull moisture off the body and disperse it throughout the fabric to help clothes dry faster.

Run: Swiftly Tech Long and Short Sleeve: This was my favorite! It’s very lightweight, stretchy and comes in bright fun colors as well as short or long sleeve. It has a great venting system in all the right places and hugs the body so it can be layered. I have very long arms and loved how the long sleeves were long enough and that they even contain thumb holes to keep the sleeves down. I stand 5’11” so finding shirts that cover my midriff is always a challenge, but these shirts give great coverage and stayed down while inverted. Living in Florida, (and it’s summer) I didn’t use it running, but I did wear it during a yoga session and it was great letting heat out, but kept me warm during savasana. The fabric is knitted with x-static for anti-stink properties and to inhibit bacteria growth.


Turbo Run Short: These shorts are very soft with flexible fabric so I never felt itchy wearing them. The venting system in the back helps the airflow and the drawstring is continuous so it will never accidentally pull out. It has two front pockets hidden in the waistband as well as a back pocket that zips closed, that’s perfect for keys, money or Chapstick. I liked this feature the best because it’s always hard trying to find a secure place to stash my key when I go running.


Astro Pant*: Straight leg pant best used for yoga or Pilates. Would work well for the gym too. The waistband is unique providing a fun and different look to general workout attire, as well as an inside back pocket. The regulars were a little too short for me so if you have long legs, long would work best.


Reversible Wunder Under Pant: As I’ve mentioned before I’m tall so finding pants that are long enough is next to impossible. These were plenty long and although they are skin tight, they feel like a second skin and allow complete movement. They were a little thick for Florida, but would be great in cooler weather or under pants for an extra layer without the bulk. These too also contain a front hidden pocket in the waistband.

Reversible Wunder Under Crop: I’ve never been able to wear cropped pants because I think a certain type of calf is needed to rock these style of pants. I do not have these calves I speak of. However for those of you who do wear them, then you can’t go wrong with these.


Flow Y Bra IV: Mesh panel down the back gave me airflow which helped keep me cooler on the elliptical. I like how the breast cups are removable for greater or lesser support. The straps are thin and stretch so it’s very comfortable and best for yoga. I wouldn’t wear it running because the support doesn’t seem made for that kind of movement.


Cool Racerback: I love this tank! It has become the only tank I wear when working out because it is so soft and comfortable. It has a racerback style so it covers my jogbra straps as well as absorbing back sweat. Although it fits snuggly, it’s super stretchy and wont flip down during your downward dog! Another plus is some of them even come in reversible styles so it’s two tanks in one.


Deep Breath Tank: I like simple gear and this has thick shoulder straps and a lot of thick seams across the breast. There is a reason for it, but it doesn’t pertain to me. It has a v-neck cross front to help keep your breasts separated during sweaty activities. If you’re naturally small then this isn’t really an issue, but if you’re not I can see why this would be nice. It’s not skin tight which can be more comfortable and the shelf bra cups are removable.


  What to Eat Afterwards:

natural-plus-energy-logoNatural Plus Energy Bars: Shannon Miller is the new face for these awesome all natural healthy energy bars! They come in tons of flavors such as: almond, cranberry, peanuts, granola, pecan, fruits & nuts, cashew, and sesame & almond. There is sure to be one that fits your taste preference! They are a natural source of protein and contain NO trans fat, wheat or gluten, cholesterol, preservatives, dairy products or artificial flavors. If they are healthy (and tasty) enough for Shannon, then they are healthy enough for the rest of us!



What to show off at your next Yoga Class:

Tons of new yoga clothes, but nothing to practice on? Try the SML Personal FitnessSML-personal-fitness-mat Mat; 30″ x 72″ made with strong vinyl and  a Polyethylene Foam shock absorbing core. I used it during a yoga session and it provided more comfort on my spine and tailbone during certain poses than a regular, thinner yoga mat. I thought it would be too squishy and I would be sinking into it, but it was firm enough to provide great support but comfortable at the same time.

Have fun this Fall with new yoga poses outdoors since the weather is so beautiful!

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