Start off the Year with a Healthy Bang!

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Like all of us, you’re likely trying to stick to those New Years resolutions.

Many people spend January starting a new health and fitness routine, such as exercising or choosing to eat better.

What you choose to do at the beginning of the new year can set the tone for the rest of the year. So why not start off with a bang?

Certified personal trainer Krista Mayo of Driven Fitness Training breaks down-

the Top 10 most important changes you should make in 2012 to improve your health:

1. Create your own personal fitness area!

It doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars to set up a fitness area at home. You just need to set up a specific place in your home where you go to exercise. Make sure it’s an open space so you’ll have room to move around. Start simple! and don’t forget the music! Your favorite tunes will help keep you moving.

2. Go to bed!

It might seem obvious, but skipping out on that hour or two of sleep can really affect your productivity and take a  toll on your energy levels. Getting eight hours of sleep every night is so important for your mind and your body.

3. Calm Down!

Stress is unavoidable in life, but finding time to de-stress should be part of your everyday health routine.

4. Don’t be too sweet!

Watch your sugar intake. Instead of that Snickers bar or doughnut, have a small piece of dark chocolate instead, or go for the dried fruit to calm that sugar craving. Do your best to cut preservatives out of your diet as well.

5. Cheers to Red Wine!

Drinking a glass of wine has proven benefits for your heart and your skin. Red wine is packed with antioxidants, can help lower cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

 6. Stretch!

Stretching is a quick and easy way to reduce tension and build strength. Before you get moving each day, stretch out your muscles.

7. Keep a Fitness Journal

Write down your fitness goals in a journal. You can keep the journal online if you’d like. Set a list of reasonable goals to start. Record the exercises you do and the food you eat. Even writing down how you feel after exercising or after eating can reveal new things that will help you tailor your individual fitness plan.

8. Lean on Me!

Support is crucial. Find a workout buddy who is supportive and may have the same types of fitness goals that you do. Encourage each other to stay motivated.

9. Play!

Remember how much energy you had as a kid? It’s time to play again! If you have gaming systems like the Wii or Xbox, don’t just watch your kids have fun, participate!  Crank up the music and dance, it’s a great workout. Find a sport you enjoy or a game that involves movement.

10. Diet & Exercise:

We know this one’s obvious, but in order to be fit you’re going to have to eat right and exercise! That doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite treats in moderation.

TIP:  So what are you waiting for, go ahead, get started! You will be glad you did!

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