Take a Fitness Vacation!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Are you planning a vacation?  How does a fitness vacation sound?

While many people gain weight from eating too much and sitting around on a vacation, you could get yourself MORE fit while enjoying a resort, top notch vacation! Sounds really inviting right about now, doesn’t it?

A simple day out could feel like a great vacation from daily life in the winter, or you could book a great resort with tons of activities!

Fun Runs

Fun Runs can be anything from Color Runs to costumed runs. At the Jolly Jester Jaunt in Galveston, Texas, you can even gallop your 5K(ish) on a stick horse! When you find a fun run or fun event, make it a whole fun day! Do your research and find a spa, resort, park, or historic district, and make it a mini-vacation with the family!

Look, also, at the event for kid-friendly activities. Many runs offer a Kids-1K, a festival, or free bouncy houses for the kids. Find your next fun run or event on Active.com.

Make Fitness fun; A Vacation!

Examples of vacations that can also keep your family active and fit:

  • water park resorts
  • dude ranches
  • skiing
  • rock climbing trips
  • hiking trips

In fact several fabulous resorts dedicate their entire theme to wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

Don’t imagine cardboard meals and an evil trainer! How about fun activities and delicious, natural, whole-food meals?

Inspire Fit Resorts

Beautiful Inspire Fit Resorts is in Park City, Utah. Personal trainers set up a personalized program for each individual resort participant. A chef prepares incredible, healthy meals, and they do not leave you without any guidance. There is plenty of personalized guidance for participants, even after they have left the facility.

Unite Fitness Retreat

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Unite is an all-inclusive fitness resort. An individual plan is laid out, including personal training and food. They also offer weekly check-ins after the resort stay.

La Costa Resort and Spa

La Costa, PFC Fitness Resort and Spa, is located in San Diego. They offer warm-weather hiking, fitness activities, and cooking classes. They also offer follow ups after the stay.

Wellspring Camps

Wellspring Camps, in several American locations, offers a true family experience. This resort has special activities for adults, and for kids from age 5.  They offer family lessons in healthy lifestyle, cooking lessons for the family, and great family activities, including surfing.

SML TIP:  What FUN – when you are planning a vacation, get fun and get fit in a beautiful environment for your vacation this year!

Let us know what you choose to do for fun, family fitness! Maybe we’ll even give one away soon?

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