Women Need Muscles, Too

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Female Weight Training

As a woman, staying healthy and in shape requires more work as you begin to climb that age ladder.

Miriam Nelson, an associate professor of nutrition at Tufts University, cites that “Women become disabled. We get osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity largely because we’re losing this muscle.” 

So what can help? The answer is…. pumping iron!

Experts have found that the benefits of weight training help prevent both the effects of aging in pre-menopausal women and reverse the effects of aging in post-menopausal women. Plus, weight loss is 70% diet, 15% cardio, and 15% weight training.

Many times women do not know how to properly weight train. They’re either lifting too much, or not enough. So how do you even begin?

Here are 12 ways to get you started and help you achieve the most out of your weight training regime.

  • Always set a goal – Decide what you want to build on and choose the proper exercise that will help with those muscles.
  • Be consistent – Once you start, be determined and motivated to stay with it!
  • Learn it the right way – Proper form and techniques is very important.
  • Get tired – Johanna Hoffman, an exercise physiologist at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center in Lutherville, MD says “When you work a muscle to fatigue, you are releasing factors that build endurance and strength.”
  • Build Sexy Muscles -Weight training does not mean you have to have “man” arms or legs. You can easily tone your muscles and still look feminine. Just use a lesser amount of weight and higher repetitions.
  • Change it up! – Using different exercises and techniques will work different muscles so you are not over working a particular one.
  • Don’t rush – Slow works better when you are weight training.
  • Work on balancing muscle groups – Don’t just focus on one area or what you can see.
  • Work on female focused exercises – One area women should particularly focus on is  building strength their upper back and shoulders, helping with poor posture.
  • Find a good partner -Having a good, strong partner, who can spot and encourage you is very helpful.
  • Drink caffeine before lifting – This is optional, but it can give you that boost you need for optimal weight training performance. We like Body Effects powder drink from our friends at Max Muscle in Jacksonville Beach. Owner Tom Brannon says, “This stuff has the protein you need to feed muscle growth and caffeine to give you a little extra oomph, but it doesn’t pack on calories like a sugary sports drink.”
  • Finally, be patient!– It will take some time to see the results of your hard work. But stick to it and you will!

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