Body Art: For Fun, but Not Forever!

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body art

Have you noticed all the body art trend in fashion lately?

First of all I have no body art since I could never commit to anything so permanent. Well… I did finally get married!

body artIf you’re fascinated by the body art trend or inspired by Kat Von D and can’t bring yourself to dive in, there are great ways to get the same look temporarily. Great to know for costume parties, special occasions or just every day fashion.


  • many tattoo artists also offer temporary tattoos drawn or airbrushed on the skin with ink
  • henna is a beautiful ancient art that’ll last a few weeks but not forever
  • transfer tattoos, applied by wetting the appliqué, come in fun designs for children or sophisticated looks for adults
  • find out from the artist or manufacturer how to maintain the design and how to effectively remove it when you’re finished
  • face and body painting artists can create beautiful designs with paints that wash off


  • apply a Swarovski crystal or any rhinestone or gem to your nose or other area of skin with DUO eyelash adhesive that dries clear (test it on your skin first to see if you’re allergic). Apply a very small amount of DUO to the skin and wait  30 seconds until it gets a little tacky.  Lightly press the jewel on the glue with tweezers. When you’ve had enough of that look, just wash it off with makeup remover!
  • faux-piercing jewelry is available that stays on with magnets or little hoops that have an opening that presses against the skin

Body art fashion has never been so fun!

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