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Author: Jackie Culver

Doing the “Marathon Dance” with rockstar pacer Coy Orange!


If you read my Featured Blogger bio then you probably already know a little about me.  I am fortunate to have a job that I absolutely love and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.  In my day-to-day life I spend a lot of time talking about fitness. I do work in the fitness industry, so that is to be expected. However, I frequently get stopped in the grocery store by total strangers who are curious about the food I am buying. I also get questions from random people when I am working out in the park. This tells me that even with the wealth of information that is available on the internet, in books, magazines, etc., people are still looking for help.  I live a “real life”. I go to work, do laundry, and volunteer at my children’s school, so I know how difficult it is to fit in time to take care of yourself. I am hoping that I can share a few tricks to get you on the path to being in the best shape of your life, no matter what your age!

So let’s start now! First of all, I really think everyone needs a catalyst to change. Mine was the day that I went out to run a one mile fun run with my then 5 year old. I was too out of shape to keep up with him and lost him in the crowd. What an eye opener that was! Of course, your catalyst does not have to be quite so traumatic. It can be something as simple as this blog, an inspiring facebook status  or  anything that makes you ready to make a change!

I have a lot of exciting things to talk about in the next few weeks. I just finished up with a special project for Jacksonville Bride magazine and am anxious to share the story with you. By the time you read this, I will have run the New York Marathon on November 6th and will have a video blog (hopefully) to share.

I plan to end each blog with a call to action. I will give you something that you can add to your routine to make a fitter, stronger, you. I once had a spin instructor tell me, “If you are as strong and fit as you ever want to be in your entire life, then please coast. If not, then you need to work as hard as you can!”

There is always room for growth, so my call to you now is to get ready for change!

Got questions? Leave a Comment and ask Jackie Culver, SML Fitness Guru.

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