Fragrance: The Right Way to Wear It!

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how to apply perfume

how to apply perfumeHave you been around men or women whose cologne or perfume fragrance lingers long after they’ve passed by?

Sometimes this can be a pleasant experience if you like the fragrance and it’s an understated whiff. At other times it can be a smell so strong it leaves you with a headache or interferes with the aroma of your meal at a restaurant!

They say that fragrance is very personal since it’s expresses one’s personality.

There are several ways to apply fragrance so it becomes a “part of you.”

  • the traditional method is to apply a dab to the pulse points (where blood vessels are close to the skin) such as the underside of the wrists and behind your ears. The fragrance is warmed by a higher body temperature in these areas and is released like a scented candle
  • spray the fragrance in front of you and walk through it for a soft “veil” of perfume
  • my favorite method is, just after showering or bathing, apply fragrance lightly to towel-dried skin. The fragrance will be diffused by the moisture in the skin

Select a fragrance to fit your personality and that’s appropriate for the situation.

  • A light, clean fragrance might be appropriate in the summer or for day.
  • Where as a muskier heavier scent would be great in the winter or in the evening.
  • If you work in customer service or closely with people it might be best to not wear any fragrance at all due to others’ allergies or just the most subtle of application would be wise.
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