Polished, Yet Natural Makeup!

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I used to be envious of girls who were stunningly pretty but didn’t appear to be wearing makeup!

This was before becoming a pro makeup artist and I was determined to learn how to re-create the look.

Natural glow with makeup!To create that polished, yet natural look, these are the important things to remember:

  • a great skin care is a must
  • hydrate and circulate
  • use makeup product in neutral or “earth” tones
  • blending with professional brushes
  • combine matte and shimmer neutral shadows to create dimension
  • a makeup area with great light

Exfoliate and moisturize!  After a busy summer at the beach we need to slough off dead/dull skin to allow the moisturizer to penetrate and plump up thirsty dry skin. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health and drinking lots of water will show in your face!  Getting out for a power walk, jog and just getting your blood moving gives your skin a glowing look!

Now that you have your skin ready, put your makeup table by a window where you get full indirect daylight to get a clear view of how others will see you on the street. The next best sort of lighting would be bright, clear daylight light bulbs by your mirror.

Since the goal is to look like we’re not wearing makeup, choose brown/neutral tones in a shade or 2 lighter than your skintone, one that’s just barely a shade darker in a matte formulation and a couple shades darker. The mid-tone and dark should be matte and the lighter shadow can by a sheer shimmer. Apply the light shadow from your crease to your lash line and on your brow bone just under your eyebrow. The mid-tone shade should be applied just in the crease and swept up on the brown bone and finishing with a slightly deeper brown in the outer corner or in the crease.

My favorite brush is the fluff eye shadow brush or “chisel crease” in my makeup line. The fluffiness gives the eye an airbrush finish.

Line very closely to the lashline above with a dark brown pencil and blend of your dark shadow over it with the angle brush to make sure the edge is soft. The key to never see the start or finish of any of your shadows. Your makeup should look like just your natural beauty!

Et Voila! You have the look that I always envied!  Watch the video below to see how to do it step by step!

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