SPROUTS: Superfood of the Future — Part 4

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Wheatgrass JuiceWheatgrass and broccoli sprouts are superfoods extraordinaire and are easy to grow at home for pennies.

For a couple decades, I’ve been known as The Sprout Lady in America because of all the sprouting demonstrations I’ve done on TV talk shows. Most of you are probably familiar with wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts already. While they are both expensive in stores, both are easy and inexpensive to grow at home.

Sprouted wheat that grows into wheatgrass about 8 inches long is a potent source of concentrated nutrition. As it grows, wheatgrass concentrates chlorophyll and other nutrients in preparation for becoming a big, fruitful plant. Wheatgrass itself is not digestible in our stomachs because it is too full of cellulose and other indigestive fibers. But when juiced and strained, all the nutrients are freed up and are readily assimilable by the body.

Wheatgrass & Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is a very powerful overall body detoxifer. Its high chlorophyll content cleanses the liver, tissues and cells and purifies the blood. Wheatgrass is an excellent natural mouthwash and breath deodorizer. It will leave the breath smelling naturally fresh while nutrifying the gums and delicate tissues of the mouth. In my private practice, I even use it on the skin to relieve pain and skin problems.

Wheatgrass and other sprouted juices, such as barley grass and sunflower seed sprouts, are best taken right after juicing for highest nutritional content. You can refrigerate for a day or two, if you use an airtight jar.  Wheatgrass juice is a super tonic for the whole body; it’s rich in antioxidants, enzymes, simple sugars, chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals.

The structural breakdown of wheatgrass is so concentrated that one ounce of wheatgrass has the same nutritional value as 2.5 pounds of green garden vegetables. I usually drink a couple ounces several times a week either made fresh at home or from an organic juice bar in my neighborhood. There are many other benefits to be found in wheatgrass. It’s immensely rich in chlorophyll, which is known for its ability to nourish the blood and detoxify poisons in the body. Wheatgrass is also a powerhouse of enzymes. Enzymes help the digestion and metabolism of nutrients. Additionally, it is a source of Abscisic acid, a plant hormone which is known for its anti-tumor activity.

I often give Sprouting Starter Kits as gifts for holidays (like Christmas) and birthdays. Everyone loves getting a Sprouting Kit and/or a Wheatgrass Kit, which includes all of the easy-to-follow directions. For pennies per day, you can grow your own fresh wheatgrass and juice it at home. Experience the miracle health benefits of indoor gardening with your own Wheatgrass Kit and start off the New Year with a healthy hobby of sprouting!

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts (pictured in the photo) are one of the healthiest foods you can eat in the world. You can make them easily in the comfort of your kitchen for pennies! I make a batch of fresh broccoli sprouts each week and enjoy them in a variety of recipes. All members of the cruciferous family of green vegetables (including broccoli, kale, and spinach) offer a wide range of benefits. They’re rich in iron, chlorophyll, carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin, indoles, vitamins A and C, and fiber. Broccoli and broccoli sprouts also contain a powerful antioxidant “sulphoraphane” which helps human cells fight the progression of free radicals. A study of researchers at John Hopkins University reveals that broccoli sprouts have up to fifty times more anti-cancer chemicals in them than in the mature vegetable itself.

The delicate sprouts of broccoli provide vitamins A, B, C; potassium and the phytochemicals sulforaphane; indoles and isothiocyanate. Research suggests these phytochemicals may reduce the risk of breast, stomach, and lung cancers.

Broccoli sprouts resemble alfalfa sprouts but they have more flavor. If you don’t like to eat broccoli, then the sprouts will be perfect for you. It takes only three days to grow them from seeds, whereas it takes 55 to 70 days to grow a mature broccoli plant.

I get my organic broccoli seeds through Handy Pantry and grow these sprouts using both the glass jar method and the tray method. It’s so easy to NatureFoodsgrow them that the children in your family can take over this job. And it only takes a few minutes over 3-4 days to grow and harvest this most tasty, nutritious treat. Your body will thank you and your health will soar. For more information about growing broccoli sprouts or wheatgrass, or to order organic sprouting seeds and other supplies, please 1-800-735-0630 (US & Canada). For more information on the healthiest foods for everyone in the family, along with some delicious ways to use sprouts in your recipes, check out my website SusanSmithJones.com and my nutrition book The Healing Power of Naturefoods.

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