The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Makeup Look!

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Ready for a new look, inspired by the Hollywood stars?  Try this easy eye liner how to.

The best part any Hollywood award night program is the Red Carpet coverage beforehand.

Each star makes their entrance in a gorgeous designer gown whether new or vintage.  They glitter with fine jewels and the icing on the cake is stunning makeup and a hair style, normally done by a celebrity stylist.   A lot of planning goes in to each star’s individual look.  Often artists will try out several looks before the big night, to find the right look for the gown and to enhance the individual beauty of each of the actresses.  This is their moment to shine!

I watch each big event closely on my TV; I study how each star’s makeup looks in Hi Definition, where I can scrutinize every detail.  This year I noticed a trend of classic, defined eye liner a la Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Adele wore a fantastic example of the look at the Grammys.

Note: Liquid eyeliners have a beautiful sharp line but I prefer a gel liner with a sharp angle brush (Renee Parenteau Pro Makeup).

  • Start the line on the outside of the corner of he eye and bring the line down along the lash line, then continue a thin line along the rest of the lash line.
    • A sharp eye liner pencil can provide the same flirty look.
  • Add a set of pretty lashes and neutral nude or soft eye shadows to the lid and some definition to the eyebrow and you’ve created a “Red Carpet” look!

For a tutorial, follow this video for Fabulous Eyes, by Renee Parenteau!

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