10 Fun Tips to Spruce Up Your Diet

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Ahhh the woes of dieting!

Wouldn’t it be nice to try something new and exciting in your diet, but still be able to burn those calories and curb that appetite?

Well, this is your lucky day!

We all know that eating less and moving more is the right combination to dieting, however, there are plenty of “extra” things that you can do to help your basic diet not feel so basic. Everything from painting your nails (yes, you read that right!) to giving your food a spicy kick.

So get your pen and paper handy and be ready to jot down these

10 great steps to put pep into your diet:

Spice things up – New research conducted at Perdue University found that adding spicy ingredients like cayenne pepper, hot peppers, or hot sauce to meals can help suppress appetite and even fire up your metabolism.

Green Tea – A recent study published in the Nutrition Journal found that green tea may be even more effective at suppressing appetite than plain water. In addition, research shows that green tea gives your metabolism a slight boost.

Step away from the TV – When scientists at the University of Vermont forced a group of study participants to watch 50% less television by electronically locking their TVs, they each burned an average of 119 extra calories per day.

Email – Subscribing to a daily or weekly nutritional or healthy newsletter that can help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. And don’t forget to regularly check out https://www.shannonmiller.com/ for loads of great information on health and nutrition. 

Chew those calories away – Chewing a piece of sugarless gum is a great way to reduce a craving and give you a little flavor. Chewing gum can burn up to 11 calories an hour.

Paint your nails – This really works! When you know you are not really hungry, but you feel the urge to snack, paint your nails. You will have to wait on them to dry, so no reaching for a chip or cookie and chances are by that time your urge to snack will be gone.

Limit your cheese – Cheese is high in fat, so by simply limiting it, or switching to reduced fat can save you some unwanted calories.

Spray away – Using an oil mister instead of hand pouring can reduce your calories by every tablespoon you trim.

Cut those starches – Replace those breads, pastas, and potatoes with some protein like fish or chicken. Stick to the non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and carrots.

Move it! – Any chance you have to move, do it. Using the stairs, parking father away or carrying groceries, you would be surprised at the everyday activities that can help you burn calories and boost your metabolism.

Hopefully, you are excited and ready to spruce up your diet!  You may even have a few ideas of your own. Go for it, have fun and be healthy!

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