4 Ways to Combat the Junk Food & Junk Mood Cycle

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By: Lindsey Smith, author of Junk Foods & Junk Moods: Stop Craving and Start Living

I admit it. I used to be a junk food addict.

It all started with watermelon sour patch gummies at age 4. Eventually I found myself hooked on Twix bars, and the madness continued once I discovered the Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino. It seems like I upgraded my junk addiction to the newest sugary treat.

This junk food cycle went on for years before it eventually caught up. No matter how much sugar I had, it was never enough. No matter how much caffeine I consumed, I was still tired. And despite my young age, I just felt drowsy and depressed.

I found myself in a continuous cycle of junk foods and junk moods. Have you ever found yourself in a similar cycle? You seek anything from energy to comfort to sweetness in the form of junk, yet the end result is always the same: low energy, guilt, and depression.

Well, don’t fret just yet. Most of us have experienced this type of continuous cycle at one point or another.

Instead, let’s remember that food is fuel. It helps sustain us, keep us energized, and give us essential nutrients we need to feel good in both our mind and our body. So it is essential that we feed our bodies not just simply “to get by,” but to keep our minds emotionally stable and our bodies healthy.

 So here are the top 4 ways to combat the junk food & junk mood cycle:

1.) Eat Your Greens: Greens are the number one missing food from the American diet. By incorporating more greens into your routine, you will naturally crowd out junk food cravings, increase your energy, and lift depression. Adding greens to your smoothies are a great way to incorporate more greens without compromising taste.

2.) Check Your Emotions: Do you make a run for the fridge at 8PM at night? Do you have an “emergency” chocolate bar hidden in your desk drawer? When you find yourself reaching for food during these times, ask yourself what you are really hungry for? Often times, we seek comfort in food, when really; we need nourishment from other areas of our lives. So when you find yourself headed to the fridge, try to see what you really need emotionally.

3.) Use a Tongue Cleaner: After you eat, pieces of the leftover food actually stay on your tongue. This can make your taste buds more susceptible to craving food you recently ate. Tongue cleaners are a great way to clear your taste buds so that you are less susceptible to these cravings. It will also help freshen your breath and make food taste better.

4.) Make One Swap a Day: One small change can make all the difference. Instead of grabbing the chips, ask for a piece of fruit instead. Instead of coffee, switch for water or herbal tea. These small changes can make all the difference in the world. Try making one small swap a day and see how the results add up!

About the Author

Junk Foods Junk MoodsFor more information on the effects of junk food on your mood and body, check out Lindsey Smith’s book Junk Food & Junk Moods. In her book, Smith can show you a better way- one that relieves the burden of self-denial and invites both joy and health back to your life. This book will help you create a strong balance between your food and your lifestyle. She has included tons of tips and goal setting activities to help you “Get Moving!”

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