Allergy Prevention Please!!

Author: Shannon Miller

Allergies and How to Prevent Them From Annoying You!

Let’s face it – there are something things we all wish we did not have to deal with; traffic jams, unpleasant people, weight gain, cranky children…and of course…allergies! Yes, for anyone who has to deal with them, allergies are sure to be a less than desirable part of your life but the good news is that there are effective ways to put them in their place.  Of course this may involve talking to your healthcare provider, but consider these quick tips for preventing allergies from annoying you at home:*

  • By dusting and regularly washing your bedding, you can prevent dust mites from making a home out of your home!
  • Vacuuming on a weekly basis can help you cut down on the amount of dust mites that rest right on the surface (of the floor, etc.).  Make sure your vacuum has an air filter; this will aid in capturing dust that could otherwise possibly be released into the air. 
  • Because pet dander can cause allergic reactions, it’s typically not a good idea for a person with allergies to have a pet with feathers or fur.  If Rover must stay, at the very least, keep him out of your bedroom.  
  • To prevent pollen from invading your home, keep your windows and doors closed.  It might also be beneficial to use an air filter that you clean regularly or to run the AC and change the filter often.
  • Keep mold from getting too comfortable in your home by decreasing the amount of moisture in areas like your bathroom and kitchen (mold loves moisture!).  Fixing leaks inside and outside of your house can help with this.  Dehumidifiers are also a good idea.
TIP:  Keep your allergies from annoying you by preventing them in the first place!

*Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American website

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