Diet Gone Right!

Author: Shannon Miller

So many diets go wrong.

It becomes such a chore to “be good” and “stay on track.”

So, what’s the secret to experiencing diet success; a “diet gone right?”

You don’t have to be a dietician to make a diet work.  Any diet should be about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Check out the diet tips below that will have you right on track for bathing suit season!

  • Avoid extremes. No sugars!  No carbs!  Sound familiar?  Avoid going to such extremes.  If you’ve tried this before, you know what happens.  Making something off limits makes you want it even more – the forbidden fruit becomes all you can focus on!  The phrase “everything in moderation” makes so much sense when it comes to dieting, which brings us to the next tip…
  • Portion size. Eat the foods that you like, but keep portion size in mind.  Have a brownie, just not the whole pan.  When you’re out to eat, remember that many of today’s meals are actually 2 or even 4 servings.  Split dinner with a friend or spouse. Or have them wrap half “to go” before serving. You’ll save the calories and have lunch for the next day!
  • Don’t forget to exercise! Eating is only half the battle when it comes to a diet.  The best diet is going to include some exercise program.  Work some cardio into your weekly routine (30 min most days) and add some strength exercises into the mix (i.e. lifting weights or using exercise bands)!  Whatever exercise you do, make sure it’s something you enjoy so you are more likely to stick with it.

Remember these diet success tips as you start to think about fitting into your favorite bathing suit this summer!

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