Eating Right for the Holidays

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Some studies say that people can gain 3 pounds over the holiday season. Others say as much as 12!

Twelve POUNDS? That is a lot to deal with later on, which is why people go to panic-mode on January 2.

This year, that will not be you! You will not have to hit the panic button on January 2, because you can keep your life in check during the holiday season and are starting the New Year a step ahead of the gang.

Our SML plan for healthier Holidays actually just has two main steps:

1.  Exercise is definitely one of the essential elements of keeping the weight off during the holidays.

Though the time is busy, and there are always reasons to pull away from exercise, you will thank yourself later for putting in a few minutes every day. Besides the fact that you will not gain the weight, you will reduce that holiday-time stress that sneaks up on us, you will sleep a little better, and you will feel more energized for your tough daily tasks.

Only have a few minutes? Go to the Shannon Miller Lifestyle Fitness page and start using Shannon Miller Lifestyle’s short workouts. We do the pre-holiday burn so you won’t get burned later!

2.  Now, to tackle the holiday eating issue. You are surrounded by sweets:

  • The coffee shop calls.
  • Everyone who stops in to the office brings you a candy or a cookie.
  • You are fixing meals full of delicious ingredients, and it seems impossible to stop.

Well, you can set simple guidelines for yourself to keep all of this in check and stop the excessiveness. Besides the weight gain, eating foods of low nutritional value adds stress to the already increasing stress of the season, and can make you feel jittery instead of well-balanced.

Here is our SML Guide, with some very simple rules to follow for healthy eating through the rest of your holiday season.

1. Plan meals. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1-2 snacks per day, every day, on schedule, with a plan.

2. Don’t eat out. You have plenty of healthy food from the store, and plenty of delicious recipes. You do not need the excess calories, salt, and sugar from a restaurant. Have a special occasion to celebrate at a restaurant? That is fine, as long as it is no more than once a week, and you choose from the soup, salad, and sandwich menu.

3. Eat before the party. If you are going to a holiday party that is serving hors d’oevres and desserts, eat a small, square meal first. Then, you can try a couple of things without trying to make a meal out of heavy, creamy, fried foods.

4. Have a glass of wine. One glass of wine per special occasion is fine. After the wine, enjoy a sparkling water.

5. Taste the dessert. Do not deprive yourself of that delicious looking truffle. Try it. One. And then you won’t need any more.

6. 5 a day. Keep a chart, schedule, or note on your smart phone of 5 fruits or vegetables per day. If you are not to five by dinner time, make sure to get them in, and leave less room in the tummy for junk. Good food makes you feel good. This habit will decrease cravings in the long run, and keep you full in the short term.

Did we include your best tips for eating healthy during the holidays in our guide?  If we missed a healthy eating tip that really helps you, please share; add it in a comment on this article.  Thanks!

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