Great Health Benefits to Fish Oil

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Fish oil may not sound like something that is very appealing to take, but don’t let the name deter you.

There are more and more studies being done on the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and the benefits of fish oil.

If you are not already taking a fish oil supplement or eating more oily, wild-caught fish, here are a few reasons why you may want to start:

1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health and Protects against Heart Attacks and Strokes – Fish oil is effective in reducing the incidence of heart disease and helps to reduce the risk factors like high cholesterol. Omega-3s also lower blood triglycerides, help correct abnormal heartbeats, and help prevent blood clots, which tend to clog arteries.

2. Reduces Inflammation/Pain and Promotes Healthy Joints – Omega-3s have a very power anti-inflammatory that help reduce joint tenderness, pain and stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Test studies have proven that Omega3s can reduce the activity that destroys cartilage.

3. Supports Mental Focus and Long-Term Cognitive Function – Studies show that Omega-3s may help in maintaining adequate cognitive function and possibly delaying or preventing the onset of dementia.

4. Supports Positive Mood and Emotional Well-Being – Several studies have found that people who took Omega-3s in addition to prescription antidepressants had a greater improvement than those who just took their antidepressants alone. Omega-3s also seem to lower the risk of postpartum depression.

5. Promote Eye Health – Research indicates people with a higher Omega-3 intake seem to have a lower risk of Dry-Eye Syndrome and a lesser development of macular degeneration.

6. Pregnancy, Infant Brain/Eye Development and Less Incidence of Childhood Disorders – DHA makes up 15-20% of the cerebral cortex and 30-60% of the retina making it necessary for the normal development of the fetus and baby.

7. Promotes Optimal Fat Metabolism – Exercise combined with fish oil has a positive effect on the shape and composition of the body.

8. Lowers Risk of Prostate, Breast, and Colo-rectal Cancer – Although much more research is needed in this area, results already show that the Omega-3s found in fish oil assist in the prevention and treatment of prostrate, testicular, breast and ovarian cancer.

TIP:  Fish oil continues to become more popular as studies continue to show the many benefits that can be obtain from it. A quality fish oil supplement can be a simple and safe way to maintain good health! 


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