Green Coffee Beans | Is It The New Magic Weight Loss Supplement?

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green coffee beans to lose weight

Trends come and go in supplements, including, of late; acai, bitter orange, blueberry, and hoodia.

Now, we hear that green coffee bean supplements are the New answer to our weight loss woes. Is it founded?

First of all, please recognize that many things approved by the FDA are not approved permanently, and that they are more likely to put something on the market and then take it off later if it proves dangerous. There are no such worries currently on green coffee bean supplements, other than that it is a marketing craze. When there is a big upswing in marketing for a product, many companies throw their product on the market that include questionable ingredients, completely untested. This, too, is legal. Keep that in mind. No one regulates supplements on the American market, so it is up to you to do research and protect yourself. Please read on, so that if you make this choice, that you make a choice based on the research.

Secondly, please recognize that the best way to lose any extra weight put on is through diet and exercise. There is no supplement or diet pill that will take the place of diet and exercise. A well-researched supplement or product may enhance results of good lifestyle changes.

The Green Coffee Bean Study

The United States National Institute of Health reports that in a randomized, double-blind study, taking green coffee bean supplements over a period of 22 weeks decreased body fat by an average of 5%. The heart rate reduced an average of 2 beats per minute, as well. This is with no other significant change to lifestyle practices.

Though it may sound insignificant, a body fat loss of 5% is actually a pretty good result, and the fact that heart rates did not increase sounds even better. The unfortunate aspect of the study is that it was relatively small in nature, and similar results have not been quantified elsewhere.

As you can plainly see, this is not a miracle supplement. It is more of an aid to lifestyle changes in some cases. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, and, as always, it is recommended that you discuss current medications with your doctor before adding a supplement.

Dr. Oz recommends the following when purchasing green coffee bean supplements.

  1. Each capsule should contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid.
  2. There should be no fillers or artificial ingredients.
  3. Try to look for 200-400 mg per dose.

You should ask your doctor how many doses per day of green coffee bean supplement would be appropriate.

Anyone had any good or bad experiences with green coffee beans??

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